Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Summer Reading–June, July, and August 2014

The reading list is back, with an all-new, supersized installment! Thirteen books! Thirteen authors! 4,359 or so pages! One thing that I didn’t finish last month! (Which is it? Wait and see!) Exclamation points!  GOD HELP ME, I CAN’T STOP! Please pretend to be excited and/or delighted at your leisure! Let’s do this thing:

Reading List - June, July, August 2014

One Night in Sixes – Arianne “Tex” Thompson – Solaris, 2014. 464pp.

Degrees of Freedom – Simon Morden – Orbit, 2011. 384pp.

Virtual Light – William Gibson – Bantam Spectra, 1994. 368pp.

The Third Man – Graham Green – Penguin, 1999. 160pp.

In Cold Blood – Truman Capote – Vintage, 1994. 343pp.

The Way of the Black Beast – Stuart Jaffe – Self published, 2011. 310pp.

The Kick-Ass Writer – Chuck Wendig – Writer’s Digest Books, 2013. 282pp.

Skin Game – Jim Butcher – Roc, 2014. 416pp.

Half a King – Joe Abercrombie – Del Rey, 2014. 352pp.

California – Edan Lepucki – Little Brown, 2014. 400pp.

Cibola Burn – James S.A. Corey – Orbit, 2014. 592pp.

The Walking Dead, Vol. 21: All Out War, Part 2 – Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard – Image Comics, 2014. 136pp.

Black Science, Vol. 1:  How to Fall Forever – Rick Remender & Matteo Scalera – Image Comics, 2014. 152pp.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Lazy-Ass Writer! Get Back to Work!

I've been very busy with the starting (and subsequent making-sure-of-the-keeping) of a new full time job these past couple of months. It's exciting stuff if you're me--because it means that you/I don't have to starve for your/my art--but it doesn't exactly make for thrilling web content. I'm very ready to come back to this project, though. I'm ready to get this whole thing done in as spectacular and engaging way possible. And I'm also going to be doing some video. Which is fun, I guess? First one is above. Check it out! I'll be back with more stuff over the next couple of days as I ease back into this thing.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Late-Night Stealth Post

I’ve been absent lately. Been trying to put a lot of focus on finding paying work again so that I can, you know, not starve and stuff? It’s boring and not writing related so I don’t want to talk about it, which I will hope that you can understand. If you don’t then, uh, tough? I guess? Sorry if that seems mean?

But, yeah. I’ve been missing writing, so writing I shall have. Little by little, the process of finishing this novel has begun again.

Today’s word count is 607. Which isn’t much, but it ain’t a bad start.

I’m going to sleep now.



Friday, 13 June 2014

May Reading List–Readin’ and Junk

Reading List - May 2014This post took a lot longer to get around to than usual guys, and I know that this week has been quiet…It’s all been a little crazy on my end. We’ll see what I can’t get up and posted next week to make up for it.

  • In Cold Blood – Truman Capote – Vintage, 2012 (originally Random House, 1966). 343p.
  • I shouldn’t need to comment on Capote’s True-Crime masterpiece because, honestly, there’s not a single damn thing that I could say that hasn’t. Spare and beautiful and tragic, I try to revisit In Cold Blood every few years. Like Neuromancer and The Big Sleep, this is one of the books that made me.

  • Empire State – Adam Christopher – Angry Robot, 2011. 448p.
  • Adam Christopher’s debut novel is pretty dang cool. It’s got a lot of big ideas that get thrown around—almost to the point of seeming overstuffed—but there’s a confidence to the writing that really makes you want to buy into everything that this guy is selling. I’ll definitely check out another of his in the future.

  • East of West, Volume 1: The Promise – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta – Image Comics, 2013. 96p.
  • It’s a gigantic, beautifully illustrated alternate history sci-fi western where everyone is desperate to kick off the Biblical apocalypse except Death. Instead, he’s on an epic journey of revenge with a pair of shape-shifting American Indian star-crossed lovers and a freakishly tall, headless robot horse that shoots lasers out of the hole where it’s neck should be. Can I get a hell yeah?

  • East of West, Volume 2: We Are All One – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta – Image Comics, 2014. 144p.
  • More of the same, if by “the same” you mean that everything is on fire and kicks ass all of the time.

    Okay, so it was a light reading month. What with the traveling and all, I didn’t even get In Cold Blood finished. June will probably be a little more interesting, as I try to get some other things under my belt before digging into the summer proper. Then? Then it’s paperback season.



    Tuesday, 10 June 2014

    Podcast Guest-Spot Extravachautauqua

    The first episode of my guest spot on the podcast Season Pass is now live HERE. Along with regular hosts Michael Keene and Michael Smallwood, I’m covering the entire nine episode run of Chris Carter’s failed 1999 cyberpunk/dystopian drama Harsh Realm. You should definitely listen to it if you like television, thinking too much about television, and talking too much about television!


    Season Pass is a recently formed podcast that offers jokes and in-depth commentary on failed television shows that either didn’t make it past their pilot, or their first season. It’s good stuff, if you’re into that sort of thing.



    Saturday, 7 June 2014

    Home Again, Home Again, You Know the Rest…

    Finally back in the office. The trip took longer than I had originally planned, but it was a good time and pretty productive. I’m looking forward to getting back to things, and you can expect regular posting to resume on Monday with May’s Reading List.

    Also, If you’re just coming to this site from finding a promo card at ConCarolinas, GeekOut, or any of the other places that I’ve left them in the last couple of weeks: Welcome! I’ll try to put together a little statement of intent for you all some time in the next few days.

    Until then, I’ll leave you with a photo that I took. I’m going to sleep now.




    Friday, 30 May 2014


    First day of ConCarolinas is over. I’m exhausted, so I’m going to not say anything else and just go to bed.

    Also: My friend William Hill has just put the second book of his serialized cyberpunk novel out. Click anywhere on this awkwardly worded, written-by-a-tired-person sentence to find links to all of the places that it is available. Then buy it, if that’s your thing.