Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hey, Internet! Here's What's Up:

What’s it like to write a novel?

Honestly? It’s a little like going crazy in reverse…A glut of unrelated, disjointed, wholly unreal ideas that you can barely keep straight slowly coheres into a single, concrete alternate reality which consumes you and drives you further and further into your own head. And it is only through the obsessive and comprehensive act of writing it all down—all of it, every last scrap—that you purge the delusional otherworld from your system and get yourself straight again.

At least until the next novel comes along.

It’s crazy, cyclical, hilarious greatness, and for most of us who do it we wouldn’t have it any other way. But it is also a solitary process and, in addition to being a little lonely sometimes, it can be hard to understand for readers. Even when they’re the kinds of fans who are the most interested in the creative process.

Hey, Internet! Let’s Write a Novel or Whatever is a bit of an effort to remedy both of those problems: Readers will get a complete and in-depth look at one writer’s creative process, and I get to write and publish a new novel in a completely social way. It’s great. Perfect. Completely win-win, assuming anyone reads this.

And I hope that you will read, and I hope that you’ll comment and contribute along the way. Because this is going to be different, and it could be big, too. Certainly bigger than anything I’ve done before as a writer. Starting on January the 1st, 2013, this site is going to be updated daily. I’ll be sharing every last detail of the creative process; from the formation of the idea at the center of the book, to the writing, the editing, and the eventual publication of the final text as an e-book and print-on-demand hardcopy through Amazon’s CreateSpace service.

Along the way, we’ll have a dialogue. You’ll be asked to contribute ideas and feedback, invited to ask questions and enter all sorts of contests for all sorts of fabulous (I think so, anyway) prizes. Maybe you’ll learn something, too. Maybe we’ll all learn something. Or maybe you think that’s lame. I don’t know, we haven’t gotten acquainted yet. Don’t really know one-another’s likes and dislikes. Let’s work on that one, okay? Let’s just, yeah, put a pin in ‘learning things’ for now…



I’m sure we’re gonna get along fine.

That’ll do for now, I think. Please feel free to peruse the rest of the site, and—if you’d like—go ahead and bookmark, favorite, +1, like, or follow to your social-media saturated heart’s content. This is going to be fun. And, hey, how many times do you get an invitation to watch a guy go crazy?

In reverse, no less.



  1. I'm excited for this to start. Maybe you need a countdown clock. :D

    1. I'll have to look into that. There's definitely going to be some content between now and then. Some sort of ramp-up stuff, and I might put together a really short piece of fiction to give a sample of my writing style.