Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hey, Sean! How Far Can We Trust You?

This is kind of a hard question for me right now. Not because I’m a natural or excessive liar. No. But I started wondering as I wrote my Creative Process post a couple of weeks ago—and noticed that I was having to use a lot of phrases like, “I like,” and “I do”—whether or not I can really present this project from a half-way subjective point of view.

Everything about the writing process is, ultimately, so personal. And, with this site, it was always my intention to demonstrate how to write a novel efficiently and professionally, but I think that we’ve already seen that there’s no one way to do that, haven’t we?

So, I guess that, in the end, all I can do is show you what I would do.

And in that respect, you can trust me implicitly. As we go forward, please know that what you get from me will be the clearest, most honest, and most complete set of information about what I’m writing and how I’m writing it; the very best recounting of these events that I can provide. In the end, I may omit certain major plot elements—because, really, who like spoilers—but I will never lie to you. On that, you can consider yourself to have my word.

Assuming that you want to trust my word, anyway.


*  *  *

That’s it for these Hey, Sean! articles, folks. I hope that you’ve come away from them feeling like you know what I’m about a little better. Next month is National Novel Writing Month, so I’ll be a lot busier than usual and we might not see weekly posts again until December. I’m hoping, though, that I’ll have the time to post some short fiction and talk about it a little.

Until then, if you’d like to contact me, please feel free to leave a comment here, or use one of the links available on the Get In Touch tab.

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