Friday, 4 January 2013

Day Four: A Detective

I’m calling him Emory Dow, and at the moment he’s a British national living in South America. He’s probably ex-military in some capacity. Special forces, or t least some kind of major combat veteran. Something that would have eventually caused enough physical or psychological friction for him that he might break down far enough to leave—or just be drummed out of—the service, and go to live in Peru as a borderline paranoid expat.

The leap from there to UN Security Consultant seems pretty natural to me. Makes a certain amount of sense, especially if there was an old buddy who got him the gig on a part-time, local basis just to keep his buddy from stagnating and shutting down. It’s personal security and escort work most of the time, maybe couriering or dragging some dignitary’s kid onto a plane every once in a while…That sort of thing. He’s probably not very well prepared to investigate a murder. Could very well have been sent because he was just the closest and most readily available person on staff, but maybe someone at the UN’s not too crazy about there being a first murder in space right now and someone is just hoping that our guy is completely incompetent. Which he may well be. I’m going to need him to have weaknesses and knowledge gaps so he has to rely on/clash with the lunar staff ensemble.

Dude’s probably burning through his second wife, just for a little contemporary personal drama and because I specifically mentioned that plot device back in the long break-down post that I made back in October. And I like the idea that he’s either never been in space before, or he just hates it there because he’s not allowed to smoke.

Short guy, too. Dark, receding hair. Maybe a little bit squirrely looking. Combat-savvy, but probably more with firearms (though those tend to be in short supply in a pressurized environment) than hand-to-hand stuff…which forces him to have to adapt a little bit for any fist-fights he gets into, and even more so because of the lack of proper gravity. I think he might be a bit of a tech guy in his own right, too.

*  *  *

Oh, and while you’re here, I thought I might share that I asked Coley if she’s okay with me aging her up for her role. She said yes, of course. Because, hey, who doesn’t want to see the fictional path that their life takes between the present and the time in which they become a cranky old space-doctor?

Oh, and by the way: She’s going to be the doctor who we’ll see functioning as our Medical Examiner. Just, you know, FYI.



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