Friday, 25 January 2013

Day Twenty-Five: Title Reveal

Been thinking about this one for a while, and, well…

Title Reveal

It’s pretty good, right? I like it. At least for the moment. Might change it down the way. You never know.

But, yeah. We’ve got a title. I wanted something that was somewhat evocative of the old detective novel titles. That sort of colorful, or double-speak-ish, tradition of The Big Sleep, or The Ivory Grin, or The Simple Art of Murder (which, to be fair, is Raymond Chandler’s famous essay on detective novels). I also wanted something that pulled in the science-fictional aspect of the work, hence the reference to going “up” and out of Earth’s gravity well (though, also to be fair, placing Cole’s death on the moon puts it in a completely different gravity well). There’s also that long-standing tradition of murderers dropping bodies down disused wells or mineshafts, and the idea of the body comes back up somewhat implies the truth of the crime coming to light.

So, there’s layers? I guess that’s what I’m getting at. I still like it.

I also filled the last couple of pages of the third notebook today, which brings the note-taking and world-building section of this exercise to a close (actually, I was going to save this post for tomorrow and talk about that material today, but I need to do some stuff with that moon map and take some photos of it for the post, and the light’s no good for that right now). I’m very happy with what I’ve gotten on paper over the past twenty-five days, and—once I’ve done some plotting—think I can turn this into a solid novel.


I am very much excited and ready to keep going here, guys. And I thank you all for your continued readership.



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