Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day Twenty-Nine: Slow Country

I don’t have much for you today, readers. Just one of those days where you’re out of the house running errands, and you can’t get much done.

Work has started on the notecards, and I’ve worked out a couple of dozen that cover most of the major plot points and character beats. Hopefully I’ll finish them off tomorrow and end up with a good first sequence. Then I can start rearranging cards and trying out different configurations of plot and pacing over the rest of the week.

It’s kind of weird being without the little brown notebooks all of a sudden. I’d gotten used to pocketing one and taking it everywhere with me. Instead, I’ve started carrying an old Moleskin that I pull out every once in a while to work on a particularly troublesome novella I’ve been trying to piece together for a couple of years now, but working on it seems more like a distraction right now than anything else. The cards are troublesome to carry and spread out at a restaurant, though, so maybe I’ll just start catching up on some reading instead.

More tomorrow.



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