Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day Twenty-Two: Travel Itinerary

So, today was a busy day. I’ve finalized how and why Cole is dead, which I’m not going to share because I did kind of say that I wouldn’t post anything that overtly spoiled the book.


If it’s any consolation, I’m very pleased with it?

No? Well, maybe you’ll like this layout of Dow’s overly complicated route to McMurdo:

The UN wants their man looking into things on the down-low, so they put him on the surface in a roundabout way; intending to quietly slip him into the standing security force and proceed from there. There’s enough confusion—and Dow’s discrete enough—for that to work for a little while, but circumstances are going to blow his cover and leave him out in the open eventually. About that route, though…

  1. Car ride from home to a private airfield outside of the city of Huánuco.
  2. Flight on Kinneman’s unmarked UN VTOL from the airfield to Trash City.
  3. The Trash City shuttle up into orbit.
  4. Interception and docking with a US Navy cislunar cargo transport, with Dow changing vessels.
  5. Cargo transport to lunar orbit.
  6. Setting down in the transport at a US Navy deep-space observatory on the far side of the moon.
  7. Escort in a Navy rover across the surface to an uninhabited UN supply depot. Dow sets up inside, and the Navy departs.
  8. A McMurdo maintenance rover—crewed by security personnel—arrives at the supply depot and picks Dow up during a falsified maintenance operation.
  9. Transport back to Dawes Crater and McMurdo.

I think that this is going to pretty well occupy my early, set-up chapters, with Dow being handed off from crew to crew as he forces himself to adjust to being off Earth and also absorb the dossier handed to him by Kinneman. Some momentum to keep up with what could, otherwise, become a very tedious information dump. I also like the idea of Dow being rushed through all of this very quickly, and being somewhat in the dark about what’s actually happened until he arrives at McMurdo and meets Bessette.



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