Monday, 28 January 2013

Week Four In Review

Note-making is over, guys. I’m still not entirely sure how it took me four weeks and one-hundred and ten pages of notes, but the books are filled and I’m ready to go ahead with plotting. It won’t be long now before I’m ready to write.

This week we explored the specifics of things a little more; be they the reason why I go through this project, the feel and relative location of places on the lunar surface, the things that Dow does when he travels, or how much living in space will probably suck. So, kind of a scattershot set of topics.

I also introduced the first contest…offering up a walk-on role in the story and a free copy of the finished novel. The contest runs until February the 1st, which means that you still have time to enter it HERE if you’re so inclined.

Some stats for the week:

Pages of Notes: 15

Posts: 8

We’re also edging towards one-thousand page views, and Blogger tells me that this is my fiftieth post! So, yeah. Exciting?

Week Five is for plotting, guys. So expect something a little different in the coming days, and a somewhat longer post to come later tonight.

Thanks for reading!



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