Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week One in Review

Here’s something else a little new for the end of the week: A little bit of a recap of what we’ve worked out this week:

So far, we have an untitled novel based in part of the death of astrophysicist Rodney Marks. A near future story about a UN Security Specialist named Emory Dow who gets himself shuttled up to the lunar surface to investigate the death of unpopular geological surveyor Miles Kerensky (still a temp name here, though I think I’m very much sticking with Dow), who the local authorities believe may be the victim of the first murder in space.

It’s a very traditional sort of murder-mystery setup. The isolated location, the reluctant and antisocial detective, a cast of potential killers all trapped under one (admittedly larger than usual) roof. The day to day activities and living structures are, I think, going to be heavily modeled on present-day Antarctica—though with a significantly higher level of UN control and corporate interference—and I’m currently considering building the novels plot around the old Raymond Chandler format (which we’ll have a post on soon, I promise). I’ve done preliminary profiles on my detective and my dead man, made preliminary notes on the A-story, and come up with a number of potential hooks for B and C plots.

I’ve also given some consideration to whether or not this is an original plot idea, decided that I don’t actually care, and spent no small number of words waxing poetical about how much I love space stories.

Looking back at it, it’s a fairly productive first week, given my work schedule and coming down off of a string of major holidays. It’s interesting to see how knowing that my notes are going to be put up for public consumption has altered my note-taking style, though. When I check back over them, they don’t quite seem natural…all built into proper sentences and paragraphs with nary a bullet-point in sight. I made the decision early on that I wouldn’t present my notes undiluted here—they just wouldn’t make much sense to most people—but it’s surprising to find that I’m more or less just writing these daily posts out and transcribing them later. That’s going to have to change as I move into heavier development, just for the sake of my hands being able to keep up with all the crap my brain is throwing around.

Some stats for the week:

Posts: 10

Pages of Notes: 25

Page Views: 668

Those are some good numbers there, readers, and that last one absolutely couldn’t exist without you guys. Thank you all so much for reading along this first week, and please do keep reading in the coming days! Remember, also, that I’m inviting feedback here, so if you’ve got something that you’d like to add or suggest…feel free to comment or send an email.

In the coming week I’m going to be working on some world-building, establishing some of the locations that we’ll be visiting in the novel and a basic timeline stretching between now and then.

I’m also going to need to try and find a good hard-copy map of the lunar surface.

Thanks for reading!



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