Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Week Three In Review

This week was kind of a big deal for me. Maybe that wasn’t the case for you, but working out characters is really important to me. Figuring out who they were before the story began, and how that influences their actions, emotions, and interplay…It’s a lot of work, and—no matter how hard I try—I’ve probably only presented, or even written down at all, a third of what went through my head this week. That’s behind me now, though (except for whatever I do with my upcoming contest winner), and I think we’re really in very good shape to move forward.

Some stats:

Pages of Notes: 35

Posts: 8

That’s all we have for Week Three. In the coming days, I’ll be working to fill up some gaps (as well as my final notebook) and make sure that I’m in good shape to start plotting the novel in February. Stay Tuned



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