Monday, 14 January 2013

Week Two In Review

Week Two. A little surprised I’ve made it this far, to be honest. Week two is where I usually flake out and abandon ship any time I promise someone that I’m going to get back into Twitter, or start updating my usual blog more often…so I’m glad that I seem to be sticking to this better. It lends me some comfort that I might get this whole thing done.

Did a lot of world-building this week. Or maybe just future-building. Established a good feel for the events that shape the novel’s present, and made some good strides toward developing the locations of the novel. I also got better about presenting my notes in a more undiluted (if not heavily cleaned up) form, but immediately took it too far and dropped all pretense of talking about the development and meaning of those ideas. As I wrote yesterday; this week I’m going to try and strike more of a middle ground.

So, developing characters in Week Three. Building most of the supporting players from the ground up, and adding flavor to Dow and Cole. We’re moving along pretty neatly through the development stages, and with a couple more weeks of research and notes and talking to people, I think I’ll be in good shape to start writing in early February. Which I am definitely excited about, and not at all dreading how boring it could be for you readers…

Also, there might just be a contest coming next week. And I’m not at all dreading putting it on and not getting any entries, either. Oh, crippling self-doubt, you make everything fun and special!

Some stats for the week:

Posts: 10

Pages of Notes: 35

Page Views: 770

This is going in good directions. Let’s keep it up, shall we? Just you and me, readers?



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