Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day Fifty: 4,369 Words

Week two of writing kicked off nicely with 963 fresh words, virtually all of which advance the plot or lay solid groundwork in some way. It also brings us to the end of Chapter One.

As has been the case throughout the ten pages this chapter occupies, there’s a nut-unreasonable amount that can be cut if I wanted to. Also, at this early date, some of the expository dialogue feels fairly pat. Dow remains a little too paranoid and confrontational for this early stage in the novel, and I’m beginning to wonder how I locked myself so firmly into this portrayal of the character this early on.

I’m having fun with Kinneman, our CIA analyst turned UN overseer. He doesn’t have much page-time in this current outline, he’s the kind of smug, authoritative creep who can be tons of fun to write dialogue for. I was also, looking back, very pleased with my descriptions of the form and operation of the VTOL. I’ve portrayed it primarily as a set of physical sensations that Dow is observing, and it works well. I think it’s a pretty good standard to set myself to when it comes to giving the reader his interpretation of the world.

Not much else to say. Today was a fairly busy day at work, with some other stuff the needed tending at home, so the current word-count for the evening is not what I would like. I need to start working on time management a little more.



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