Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day Fifty-Eight: 9,126 Words

I hit my daily target for the first time since writing began, guys. 1,032 words on four pages.

Today saw a goodly number of other milestones, though. I finally got Dow into space. I managed to humanize him a little bit, I think. And I made him throw up in zero gravity while wearing a space suit helmet, which is just kind of something that I did for me and will probably cut. It took me too long to get to this point, but it’s the first time since writing began that I really feel like this novel is doable.

So, really, it’s too bad that most of it is terrible. I mean, really guys. Just a lot of not very good writing. It’s almost embarrassing, and I knew that it was a crime against words when I perpetrated the damn thing. It’s okay, though. Nobody got hurt.

We’ll fix it in post.


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