Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day Fifty-One: 4,836 Words

That’s 467 words today, adding a page and a half to the final document. Work days are, as always, kind of iffy for me writing-wise. We can expect tomorrow’s look at Wednesday’s words to be similar. I’m looking at a couple of good days off, though, so I’m hoping to catch up some on Thursday and Friday.

More exposition going out so far in Chapter Two. The plane is en-route to Trash City, and Kinneman and Dow are starting to see that possible murder victim Warren Cole as the kind of guy who makes for one long-ass suspect list.

I’m also trying to tread a relatively fine line where it comes to some of the technology when I talk about Kinneman’s tablet computer. You have to give a certain amount of thought to how much technology may or may not advance over the next thirty years, and the tablet’s feature list can be a good indicator of that or it can be something that totally trashes how believable the world is. I’ll talk more about that on Sunday, though.



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