Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day Fifty-Seven: 8,094 Words

Hey folks, sorry that this post didn’t appear yesterday. My internet connection is down, and I’ve only now gotten to a place where I can post this from.

All right, folks, today’s count is 796 words on four pages.

Things are continuing to move along, and it has taken longer than expected to get here, but Dow is finally ready to be shot into space. I’m totally friggin’ jazzed, man.

This section focused primarily on Dow getting ready for the launch and being briefed by Morris and the Trash City shuttle pilot, Kremlin. I sort of glossed over the actual training stuff for the sake of moving the plot forward, but I did do something that I think is fairly important: I introduced some stakes.

Not necessarily the stakes in regard to finding/not finding the murderer or Dow fixing his relationship with Marisol, those are fairly obvious and introduced earlier, but there’s a second layer that’s inherent to this story in the fact that it approaches space travel from a fairly contemporary perspective. That is, the fact that, everywhere he goes, Dow’s presence is ruining someone’s day in some way. By hijacking the Trash City shuttle he’s adding payload weight and forcing them to spend extra time in orbit and make extra course corrections, costing valuable fuel and mission time. By being on McMurdo he’s sucking down extra rations of the colony’s air, water, food, and power, and he’s stepping all over everyone’s jurisdictional toes.

No, no matter where he goes in this novel, someone is going to resent Dow’s being there. It’s a hurdle for him, and I think one that will eventually come to inform his personal arc. It also necessitated an exchange in this day’s writing, where Morris begins to lay that fact out and Dow makes the connection for him, that I’m rather proud of.


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