Monday, 25 February 2013

Day Fifty-Six: 7,298 Words

599 words on Saturday, across three pages.

It’s mostly conversation between Dow and Trash City PR man Saul Morris as they get him ready for launch. A much friendlier dynamic than Dow and Kinneman, which is nice because it’s letting my drop some bits about Dow’s past and larger personality. We’ve mostly seen him in argument mode thus far, so it’s a good change of pace.

I also did a little more describing of the Trash City set-up, specifically their launch site, and have been trying to inject a little more of a sense of wonder into things. This is kind of important to me because, while I understand and acknowledge that Dow is kind of broken and jaded (I made him that way, after all), I do need him to be able to get around the fact that he hates space so much, and that it makes him so sick, and let a little bit of the inherent wonder of science fiction shine through for the reader.



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