Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day Fifty-Two: 5,520 Words

Got a decent amount done yesterday, despite a long day at work. Clocked in at 684 words. Slowly but surely, I’m edging back towards my target daily word count.

Having a lot of fun with Chapter Two so far. Dow’s conversation with Kinneman is just proving more and more how in over his head he is, but he’s reticent to ditch on investigating Cole’s death because he already took the job. I’m also starting to figure out how he’s going to approach the work and begin to analyze the suspect list—playing into his experience doing threat evaluation and personal security for the UN as a dodge for the fact that he’s never investigated a murder before. I think it could work nicely; making him efficient and professional but not unable to badly screw things up.

I’m also feeling more and more drawn to the idea of switching the narrative into the first person. I’ve been coming to a lot of little moments where I want to drop an observation or piece of backstory in, and they just don’t feel natural in the third person format. First person is just better for those little tangents, so I think I’ll try it on for a few days and see if it fits the project any better. I had some concerns about using it earlier, but…eh. We’ll see how it plays.



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