Friday, 15 February 2013

Day Forty-Six: 2,837 Words

Managed to pull off 530 words yesterday, which is 530 more than I had time to do today. They’re mostly inconsequential stuff…A fair amount of technical description as Dow gets onto the plane, some set dressing, and a few hints at the scope of intelligence-group spookery behind the case to put Dow ill at ease.

Some of it can really afford to get pared down if it has to be, though that decision won’t be made until I see what the finished chapter reads like. Right now, getting this kind of thing on the page is helpful because it lets me figure out how (and how much) I want to talk about the technology and cool future toys in the book. I’ve given myself some wiggle room there by going with a third-person narrator, but there are still levels to play within. I want this to be more of a pulpy detective story than a hard science-fiction story, after all.

Getting a little frustrated by my progress, even though I know that I have excuses for this week. It’s just tiresome to be thinking about this like I am—just thinking about it all of the time—and not have a moment to work on it. It’ll get better, though, I suppose. Just have to wait for it.



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