Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day Thirty-Seven: Still Sick

Feeling a bit better today, actually, and will probably be able to return to work tomorrow. Spent a lot of the day sleeping or reading Warren Ellis’s very excellent Gun Machine. Some of the remainder went towards cheating on my novel by prepping for a tabletop role-playing session that I’ve got coming up.

And it’s been good fun, all of it. I mean, the part where my sinuses are swollen, flaming sponges isn’t great, and I’m going to smell like mentholated ointment for weeks…But, yeah, for a sick day it felt surprisingly full. This kind of thing, though—all of the meds that I’m on, and the general fuzziness and warmth of the world—it doesn’t make for great introspection. Been sitting here for an hour and a half looking at a blank screen trying to come up with anything interesting to say about writing, and the best that I did was a half a paragraph about pen selection before getting distracted by the fact that Community (!) is back on the air tomorrow.

So. Yeah. Maybe not in the best state to do any heavy lifting tonight. Come back tomorrow, okay? I might just finish that pen thing.



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