Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day Thirty-Three: Second Configuration

The second configuration works better than expected. It flows nicely, there’s build to all of the major reveals and the resolutions of the minor clue/suspect lines, and the whole thing feels more like an investigation rather than a laundry list of elements.

I’ve made several minor changes, bringing us up to the Third Configuration, which mostly relate to the way that conversations and character arcs lay out. I’ve also paid some more attention to the way that Dow’s B-story with Marisol plays, and—while it intentionally lacks concrete resolution as a side effect of their personalities and the nature of the flaws in their relationship—it feels much less passive this way.

Because I spent longer than expected laying the cards out, I’m going to take tomorrow as another work day and review this configuration before deciding if I’m ready to proceed. I like what I’ve got right now a lot, though, and I don’t expect to change much—if anything.

Also, the Walk-On Role contest is completely closed now. I’ve been reviewing entries and will hopefully come to a decision by tomorrow evening.



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