Friday, 1 February 2013

Day Thirty-Two: First Configuration

I reviewed the cards today, and I still think I’ve got everything that I need in terms of plot content and character beats. This initial configuration of cards runs straight through the story in the order that it occurred to me and has a tendency to lump the introduction, investigation, and resolution of clues and suspects together, which makes the whole thing, well…interesting.

It’s very stream of consciousness in this setup. Doesn’t work at all as a story that acknowledges the passage of time. Kind of lumpy and malformed. If it were a book, I wouldn’t read it. I think you get the picture.

So, I reshuffled bits and pieces. Tried to make the whole thing flow more logically, and develop the case and character relationships with something like a hint of dramatic tension. Some of the cards just got moved forward or back by a single number to make up for the fact that the conversation or observation would only work if a character who I hadn’t introduced (or had just had leave) was there to participate. Whatever the reason, it’s miles better at this point, which is great, and I didn’t feel particularly inclined to cut anything.

This is the second configuration, and I’ll review it tomorrow and then reshuffle again.



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