Friday, 22 March 2013

Day Eighty: 17,711 Words

Hey, readers! Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. When I went to write the following, I discovered that my internet connection had gone down. It still is down, actually, and in a moment I’ll be starting today’s writing here at a local Starbucks. Which is frustrating, because I kind of just want to go home where it’s quiet. But I guess this will stop me from just playing video games all day or something.

Just a short one today, folks. Work was killer. 220 words on a single page.

I decided to make Chapter Four a short bridge chapter between the crime scene and the morgue. As Dow and Sydney walk through McMurdo and we see an introduction of its public spaces, I’m trying to create a little more of a sense of place. I’m also using it as a Sydney chapter to allow her to reflect on the ways in which McMurdo is strange and complicated.

Using her in this case gives the idea a little more weight, I think, since this is her home and she’s used to the curiosities and dangers of it. If I put the observations forward in Dow’s point of view, I’d run the risk of making him too much of a hyper-observational savant (something I really don’t want) and painting too much of a picture of, “Oh, look at the strange, silly moon-people and their dangerous dome city!” I’m going for a certain amount of realism here, and I feel more confident that Sydney’s necessary awareness of the oddness and fragility of her home reflects that properly.



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