Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day Eighty-Five: 20,668 Words

932 words. Four pages. I surpassed 20k today, guys, and seventy pages on the Master Document. I’ve also got characters finally admitting out loud that Warren Cole was murdered. It’s a milestone day.

More scene in the morgue today, working through Cole’s death and questioning one another on a professional level. Plus; a mystery telephone call from asshole cop Mobese Sero. I should be able to very comfortably finish this scene—and this chapter—tomorrow.

I feel like the stuff that’s going on here is all clever enough for the typical morgue chat where the detective and the Medical Examiner hammer out cause of death and get the mystery rolling towards its next stage. It works well enough in its current state. What I’m not so sure about right now is whether or not the stuff that I’m talking about is being portrayed realistically. I’ve done my own web research for all for all of this, and I feel relatively confident that it’s feasible, but one thing that I really wanted to do during development (and never got a chance to) was sit down with a local ME and hammer out whether or not it’s all actually right.

Maybe that’s something I’ll have a chance to do during editing, when I’m less concerned about pages-per-day and am really dedicating myself to quality work.



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