Monday, 25 March 2013

Day Eighty-Four: 19,773 Words

1,285 words for Monday, on hot, fresh pages. I was kind of inclined to push onward to 20,000 tonight, but I’m really tired now and came to a good, natural stopping point.

So, what’s up today? An exciting and romantic trip to the McMurdo-Lunar morgue and autopsy suite, and the introduction of one of my guest characters. I think there’s maybe a little too much chatting in these pages. It does some good word building and character stuff, but I’m not sure if it’s vital enough to keep if I can’t find a way to trim it down a little.

The big, obvious center piece is a suite of futuristic medical technology as well as an advanced prosthesis (there are a lot of robot limbs whirring and gripping at things in this chapter), which is the biggest demonstration of tech that I’ve had so far beyond the whole Moon-City thing. There’s also a good amount of groundwork being laid down in establishing McMurdo as a place that is all about duality: Sydney isn’t just the head of security, she’s a public relations officer and the public face of the UN. Doctor Greystone isn’t just a part-time medical staffer who got called in for an autopsy, she runs an Applied Neurosciences lab at the forefront of advanced prosthesis research. McMurdo itself isn’t just a vital science facility, it’s a massive, multi-billion dollar United Nations publicity stunt. This is a strange, complex place. Almost everyone and everything that we meet wears two hats, and they are often at odds with one another in some way.

It’s a lot to try and work into five pages, and I’m going to have to read the completed chapter before I decide once and for all how good of a job I did.

Tomorrow: Guts and stuff at Warren Cole’s autopsy.



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  1. Really like the idea of the dual "roles" of your characters. Makes it very intriguing.