Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day Seventy-Nine: 17,491 Words

1,748 words on eight pages. Let’s make up for some lost time, shall we?

Today feels good. I got through to the end of the examination of Cole’s living quarters, and have now ended Chapter Three. Officer Mobese Sero is, perhaps, a bit one-note in this draft, but he’s a good early foil for Dow and Bessette right now—forcing them to look past the obvious and really see the beginnings of what’s behind Cole’s death. I think I’ve maybe fixated a little bit too much on certain things in this draft, and I should eventually throw a few more early clue into this scene…but at this point, I’m just really glad to be moving forward again and feeling confident about my work. Dow is actually working well as a detective now that he’s gotten to a point where he can do the job.

Morgue scene is at bat tomorrow, I think. Though I might space things out a little bit with a short chapter detailing the central McMurdo dome facility. Don’t want to get locked too tightly into the plot and loose sight of my setting or characters.

That’s all for tonight. It’s way too late. Sleep sounds really good right now.



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