Monday, 18 March 2013

Day Seventy-Seven: 14,687 Words

Only 452 words today across three pages, but I’m not sure that’s a bad way to come back. It’s mostly the last little bits of exposition before Dow and Bessette examine the crime scene. And it is a crime scene. I don’t think there’s any point in trying to hide the fact that Cole actually was murdered from you guys, because what the hell would the book be about if he wasn’t? Just two chapters of police work and three hundred follow-up pages of people ramping lunar rovers off of things while Dow has relationship problems?

Jesus. I would read that.

But anyway, yeah: We’re back. Not fully back today. I wanted to make up for the lost Week in Review posts at least, but I’m coming out of a full seven days of being so sick that it hurt to move and looking at computer screens made me nauseous. There’s much paperwork and mucking of stalls on the recovering side of something like that. Hopefully we’ll transition into something more like normal tomorrow.

Hit fifty pages on the Master Document today, too. Which is a milestone. Even if I’m going to cut out most of those pages and light them on fire.

Read a lot this past week, too. Good stuff, mostly, which makes for Prose Envy and is just super-good inspiration to work and be better than you are. Catching up on John Scalzi’s earlier work. The Ghost Brigades made for some really completely terrifying fever nightmares about identity loss and armed combat.

All right. I need medication and sleep now. Thanks for bearing with me, readers!



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