Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day Sixty-Five: 10,980 Words

688 words on three pages today.

Dow has transferred onto the US Navy cargo hauler today, and wakes up on the lunar surface tomorrow. Finally. Friggin’ finally. God, it’s like I can’t tell a story in a concise way or something…

Very little to say about this actual section. It’s a fair amount of tech exposition which won’t mean much later, so I’m not sure I’d get my hopes up about ever reading it. I’m trying to force myself to come up with better, more concise descriptions of things now so that when I get to the later, more plot-vital scenes I’m not bogging myself down with a lot of unnecessary or uninteresting expository text.

I’m also working on forcing myself to write a greater number of shorter scenes that are each focused on a single concept. I think it’ll work nicely in forcing me to get details and plot elements out more quickly, and it’ll just all in all move things along. I worry about making each scene too simple, though, so that’s something that I need to be mindful of.

I’m also starting to wonder about the shelf-life of the First Person voice on this project. It’s working now because we’ve just got the one potential view-point character, but once I get him into larger things I’m worrying that Dow will become boring. Actually, I’m just all around worried about the Dow character and whether or not he’s any fun. I mean, I don’t think that he has to be some sort of gigantic, gonzo, Spider Jerusalem-esque creation…but I do think that he might need some re-drawing to make him a little bigger and less dour.

Lots of work still to come, I guess.



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