Sunday, 10 March 2013

Day Sixty-Nine: 14,245 Words

Note: No Writer-Babble post today, because I’m going to start posting daily word counts on the day of writing rather than backing everything up by twenty-four hours. I’m finding that it’s got me avoiding making multiple posts during the day if I’m excited about what I’m working on, because I don’t want to risk talking about something that I don’t make notes on for another day.

547 words on two pages. Yesterday was a short day on account of an ungodly early morning and a lot of work.

Finished the walk and talk and the new Chapter Two yesterday. The new section is still in good shape, and I still enjoy the new energy of it. Tomorrow puts me in all new territory again, though; which is fun and exciting, but a little frightening. I’ll figure out a way to work through it, though.

See you tomorrow, folks!



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