Friday, 8 March 2013

Day Sixty-Seven: 12,492 Words

1,475 words across six pages. A good day, readers. A good day.

So, you might maybe, possibly remember that I’ve been talking about rebooting the writing a little bit, lately. Well, it’s happening. I’m doing it. I’m enjoying it. And—and I know I’ve said this before and come to resent and deride what I was doing—I think it’s really working very well so far.

For the time being, let’s consider these six pages our new Chapter One.

Sydney Bessette showed up today, readers, who you may remember from my character profiles in Week Three as the so-called “Second Detective,” and she serves as kind of the viewpoint character for this chapter. As the head of UN Security at McMurdo, she’s waiting for Dow to arrive in a rover so that she can get underway with the investigation into Cole’s death, and most of the chapter is sort of about getting into her head and allowing her to serve as an introduction to the structure and restrictions of life on McMurdo. I also think that she presents well; held in place on her investigation because she’s beholden to Kinneman and his UN protocols, but also very impatient to deal with what she rightly perceives of as a potential major issue. She alternates between professional and cool when her subordinates are around to predatory and aggressive when she’s alone and thinking about all that still needs to be done. It’s a good range, I think, and it feels natural…like one is properly an extension of the other.

I also think that it’s something that Dow can screw with very easily. He’s only present for the last couple of pages here and spends most of the time talking about cigarettes, and he’s already putting everyone a little off of their game. I kind of love it, like it’s a good balance between him being good at his job and being sort of distant and eccentric. He’s not so weird that Sydney immediately wants him gone, but he’s just weird and non-threatening enough that she’s not worried about him stepping on her toes all of the time. It seems like a good start for their partnership, and the character is now a lot more fun to write.

All good so far. I’m feeling great and reenergized about this project now.



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