Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Weeks Ten & Eleven in Review

Week Ten:

Week Ten turned into a little bit of an experiment. After finally getting Dow onto the lunar surface, I decided that I wasn’t happy with the novel’s direction or pacing and did kind of a soft reboot. The novel has a new starting point, now, and has been moved into a somewhat lighter, more snappy third person perspective. I also decided to transition into posting my word-counts on the day of writing, rather than maintaining the twenty-four hour lag period.

All of this feels good. It feels more right. Like I’ve finally figured out this book and how I want to write it and pace it, and where I want to start it and handle the characters. It means that most of my previous word-count will eventually be discarded, but that happens sometimes.

Pages: 49

Words: 14,245

Web Posts: 9

Week Eleven:

Ha hahaha ha…ha. Like I actually got anything done this week. I was seriously ill for all of Week Eleven. Got no writing done, missed all of my daily posts. A bad time was had by all.

We’re back, though.

Pages: 49

Words: 14,245

Web Posts: 2



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