Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day Ninety-Two: 26,109 Words

1,237 words. 5 pages.

Dow woke up a little sarcastic today. Which is better than the hangover I had been planning, and also works a little more in the character’s favor. There are a lot of little things in these beginning pages of Chapter Eight: Dow trying to call his wife, a basic rundown of the way that his quarters are laid out, some patter with Bessette, and a little bit of shock at waking up looking a few years younger.

That’s one of my favorite side effects of spending time in low or zero gravity. Get away from gravity for a day or so and your gut diminishes because your organs are no longer heaped on top of one another and sagging every which way. Your blood pools less in your lower body, decreasing wrinkles and sag in the usual places and returning a certain youthful suppleness to the skin. Your spine decompresses, and you get an inch or so taller. In short; the less gravity you live in the younger you look.

There are downsides, of course. Everyone pretty much develops scrawny chicken legs to some extent, and—ahem—sexual performance can become a little difficult, apparently. There’s also the constant bone density and muscle mass degradation, which is just a huge bummer. It’s a fun thing to submit a character to, though…Especially a perpetually weird and grumpy character like Dow.



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