Monday, 27 May 2013


Okay, so, I'm going to need a few more days on this outline as I shuffle all of the parts together...But here's what I can share for now:

I'm basically breaking the novel into three, intercut segments. The first will be the story that you know. The old A-story with Dow investigating Cole's death at the lunar surface and coming up with all sorts of the usual detective story set-backs at every turn. That one's kind of a given at this point, and I'm expecting it to take up about half of the length of the book.

The B-story (we'll call these other bits the B and C-stories for the sake of clarity, even if I think they're equally important) will be about Dow's UN buddy Sebastian Spence doing some international leg-work on Earth at Dow's behalf. He'll come into contact with Kinneman a few times, butting up against the impending cover-up and some other dirty stuff going down at the fringes of the UN. It's a lot of stuff that I would have Dow dealing with himself if distance and accessibility weren't an issue, so—rather than cut it outright—I'll give it to another character who I can potentially chop down the line without too much altering the A-story.

The C-Story will cover Sydney Bessette—the chief of UN-Pol forces at the lunar colony—and her people clashing with corporate influences (here represented by a string of lawyers influencing the colony's administrators) that want the lockdown and comms blackout lifted. At the same time, they'll be dealing with rising civilian tensions as fights begin to break out in the close quarters of the colony, and helping Dow with certain aspects of his investigation. Busy bees, to the last man and woman.

These other two story-lines will make up the other half of the book—hopefully sharing a similar amount of page space. As I have things plotted out now, I'm favoring the Sydney story with more detail and beats. But that's also the story that has been with me the longest. They may even out.

Okay. That's all I've got for today. I'll keep going with outlining the book and will hopefully have it ready to go back to writing by the end of the week. On Wednesday, you can probably expect a more detailed look at the updated Dow.



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