Monday, 3 June 2013

A Little Extra Work

So, today ended up being a fairly long catch-up day with errands and personal stuff after a long working weekend. As such, I didn’t have enough minutes all piled up next to one another that I could sit down and really start to write. It’s frustrating, but I think it’s for the best.

What I did instead (and why I think that it’s for the best) is use those spare minutes to do some thinking about the novel. I spent my time at the grocery store considering the motivations of my various villains, and came up with some ways to add a little more nuance to everyone’s actions and motivations. This led to a bit of a restructuring of my outline, which required an edit on that…Though I had also intended to transcribe the whole thing into a properly chronological series of events (the previous, hand-written version was divided into the individual story-arcs and had notes as to where the three intersected and occurred congruently) that I could print out and hang up.

I also compiled an early list of characters. The twenty named, pre-established characters who I know will appear in the impending first draft in some capacity. Some of these characters come from the initial character posts that I made back in January, but some are figures who were later written into the first attempt at the book. Others still are new creations just for this draft. Having the list—and it really is just a list of names and relevant/noteworthy physical features—will be of tremendous help in keeping the characters straight; especially now that the scope of the novel has changed.

I’ll be printing those, the character key and the outline, tomorrow morning as I get ready to really go to town on this thing.

I do still have one decision to make, though, and it’s an odd one. I abandoned the genre-hallmark first-person narration early in the first attempt at the novel; partly because I was adding Sydney Bessette as a view-point character, but mostly because Dow’s voice had become so inconsistent so early on. I’m considering bringing it back for this version and just heading each chapter with the view-point character’s name, George R.R. Martin style. I’m concerned that this might be jarring in the first-person, though, and am not sure if I want to experiment with it.

Guess I’ll have to sleep on it, and see what comes out of my head when I sit down to work in the morning…

Oh. Also: I think I may have come up with a new, better title for the novel. But I want to spend a few days with it and see if it still seems right before I trot it out.

That’s all for today.



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  1. It continues to get more interesting and exciting. Looking forward to each post!