Monday, 24 June 2013

Creeping Up Slowly on New Content

It was a busy week at work, and I’m still wrapping up this short, so this weekend brought us on as far as sixty-five pages and 18,576 words. That’s okay, though. This gets us to the end of the chapter in the morgue where things start to get real…So I’m fine with taking my time on it.

I’ve still got a little ways to go before I get to the first Seb chapter and new content, but not too far. I’m thinking that at this rate I’ll get there by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. That’s kind of an exciting thought, but—given what I talked about a few posts ago with the synchronization between new and old attempts—I am expecting a bit of a decline in daily output, maybe. Hopefully nothing major. I just wouldn’t be surprised is all.

Feel a little better after Friday’s post. Sometimes, when you’ve got something weighing down on you and you know there’s no real reason for it, it just helps to talk it out with yourself on paper rather than in your head. Sometimes it’s the only way to get yourself to listen.



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