Friday, 28 June 2013

New Pages. Fresh and Healthsome.

I’ve finally reached new content (and missed another Wednesday post, but, you know, thunder storms, tornados, and internet outages…the usual), and it’s gone well enough. A four page introductory Seb chapter. Nothing too major, but progress nonetheless. I’m going to have to do some catch-up research before I do any more, because—in the rush to outline and implement the new Seb story—I forgot to do any sort of checking on the different time zones that the character visits over the course of the story, or how they might line up with a lunar colony that has it’s clocks synced to UN headquarters in Geneva.

Writer problems, people. Writer problems!

So, you might have guessed from the way that this post is written that it’s late and I’m tired (I honestly don’t know how this will read when I’m fully awake, but at least it makes sense now…which probably doesn’t count for anything) so I’ll keep this short and refrain from further parenthetical passages. Or from using any more phrases like “parenthetical passages.” Word count has risen to 23,330 since Monday night, and the page count is now 81. I’m sure I had something that I wanted to talk about earlier today, but I got caught up with the writing and now it’s gone.

Oh well.

Good night.



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