Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Writing Begins! (Again!)

(Note: This post was intended to be up earlier, but local weather caused unexpected internet outages.)

I’ve started writing the novel again, which is exciting. I probably won’t get much done on it this evening, but—for the time being—it’s ticking along nicely.

I’ll be back to talk about it tomorrow, but I wanted to take this chance to describe what I’m going to be doing with the upcoming writing posts:

  • I’m not going to be holding myself to any specific daily word-counts this time, because that way lies madness and not getting anything properly done. I will, though, be providing a current word and page-count with every post.
  • There will be little excerpts every once in a while. Nothing major. Just tastes whenever it occurs to me.
  • The writing. Mostly I’ll be talking about the writing. This is, after all, a writing blog. I know that I can sometimes forget to talk about the more technical aspects in these posts, but I’d like to focus on that a little more in the future.
  • Other things?

Okay. You're informed now. Back to work!



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