Monday, 12 August 2013

Status Report

Haven’t really been around lately, which sucks. I wish I had something for you guys tonight, but I’m afraid that I don’t. In addition to still being a bit sick, I’ve been monumentally uninspired…So I’m going to keep on a short break until I’m feeling back up to snuff. Hopefully it shouldn’t be more than a couple of days longer, and then we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled buffoonery.

Stay healthy, people. Illness sucks.


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  1. Gonna be pretty blunt here but I am honestly just worried about ya. You seem like a nice and smart guy and you should know that this blog might seriously bite you in the ass one day. Publishers, agents, even editors who find this will be turned off. Sharing the difficulties behind writing is great but this blog makes you seem flighty and unreliable. If you were some 15-year-old kid talking about their nanowrimo thing, I'd never mention it. But you have a masters and it's clear you want a writing career. Publishers know in the back of their minds that writing is hard and books take time but they want to live in a delusion that everyone they hire will be able to churn out novels on que. That is why this blog is a shade too honest. It makes you seem like you'd be a terrible investment if you start, stall, give up or disappear. Edit it, delete it, make it private, what have you... but be honest with yourself. If you were an agent or publisher with deadlines and a quota to reach, would you hire you based on this information? Be careful what you put out into the world. Your future boss was not a buddy in the workshop class, he went to business school and he would rather have 100 decent books to sell than one great one that never makes it to print. When you send out manuscripts to companies, they will look you up online to see all that you are doing. I hope that this won't come up and hurt you. Maybe I'm overreacting but I think it's in your best interest to at least consider what I'm saying.