Friday, 2 August 2013

Triple Digits

If you were around earlier, you may have seen where I passed the hundred page mark earlier today…finally stopping myself tonight at 102 pages and 29,225 words and just a hair short of finishing up the current Seb chapter.

This is exciting stuff, finally breaking the triple-digits in page count…Especially after having lingered through a couple of failed drafts that never made it this far. It takes a certain weight off of my mind when I think about actually finishing the book. It’s good to be making progress and enjoying myself with the writing, too, after having such a slow week.

So, yeah. Going to bed very happy with myself tonight. Would be better if I could have broken 30,000 words and also finished that chapter in the same day, but this scene is kind of exhausting and I want to be working on it fresher than I currently am.

Right. So. Cool stuff.

See you folks on Monday!



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