Friday, 4 October 2013

Not Dead. Not Ignoring You. Just Busy.

So, hi there. How’s it going, internet?

It’s been a while since we talked. Almost two months. Which is unfortunate, and I’m sorry for that. According to my computer, I haven’t touched the manuscript since August 8th. Which I feel awful about, and pretty much completely hate.

I’m not really going to apologize for going AWOL like this, because I’m also not going to ask for any kind of forgiveness. There are reasons for it of course—I was ill and in a not-inconsiderable amount of pain for several weeks, and launched into a new teaching position as soon as I was well—and the last couple of months have been pretty nuts. It’s something that happens. An unfortunate side effect of having to work and be around people for a living, rather than living in the (so it seems to most of us on the outside) mythical Peter Pan world of whiskey and video games and book signings that comes with being a Full Time Writer.

I miss writing though, when I’m away. I can distract myself with other things when I have spare minutes rather than spare hours, but nothing quells the raging void inside of me like making a bunch of shit up and putting it down on paper. Nothing is nearly so fun or cool.

Thankfully, I'm finding that my schedule is starting to even out a little more this month. I’m starting to see a little time peek in around the edges that could be gathered up into Writing Time. And, some time soon, I rather suspect that the “Last Modified” date on the manuscript will change. Which will feel pretty great.

I never suspected that this novel would take so long to write. When I was planning this project out, I gave myself two to three months on the outside for a first draft. That hasn’t happened, obviously. The Universe seems content to keep bellowing “NO!” and punching me in the junk every time I get up a head of steam, but I’m not about to let that get in my way.

I’ll be back shortly. With fresh pages.

Because we doin’ this.



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