Thursday, 31 October 2013

On Returning

It’s been a little while since my last post, but I have been writing in the interim. I dusted off the old manuscript, reviewed my progress a little, found the thread of the plot again, and finished off the chapter that I had previously stopped in the middle of. It was…Well, it wasn’t exactly exciting, but it felt good. It felt good to come back.

I was actually a little surprised at how easy it was. Finding that thread isn’t always the simplest thing. You come back to the work and you try to find where you left off—that momentum and sense of flow that you had—and sometimes you can get it and sometimes you can’t. You were away too long and you let it get away from you.

I’m glad that I could find it. I’m tired of starting this book over.

So, anyway. As of right now we’re sitting at 31,425 words and 109 pages. Fair enough boost over last time, and I expect that number to keep going up. I’m ready to finish this thing. I’m ready to knuckle down. And there’s a time for that. A time to return to daily writing and daily updates and hard, set objectives. A month, to be specific.

That’s right, readers…

NaNo is coming

National Novel Writing Month is here again. I’ll see you tomorrow.



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