Sunday, 12 January 2014

Short Fiction Inbound!

So I wrote a piece of short fiction yesterday as part of one of author Chuck Wendig’s regular Flash Fiction Challenges over at terribleminds. The kind of thing where you roll a couple of d20s (and you know you’ve got some of those lying around on account of all of the D&D you played in college) to generate a title and you just run with it. It’s a fun little exercise—get yourself going on a lark that has a pretty definite expiration date, wrap it up in a couple of hours or a day, and use the buzz of finishing something to power you through other projects for a while.

So, I’ve got this rough pile of words that I threw together and now I’m going to run a couple of editing passes on them and see if I can’t tease some shine out of them. I think it’s fun (if not a little bit of a downer for the characters) and it might have a fair amount of potential. I’ll also be posting the final draft here some time in the next couple of days, so you can look forward to that if it’s your thing.



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