Saturday, 24 May 2014

Andy Bobrow Says Everyone is Terrible

It’s a busy weekend for me, getting ready to go out of town next week. So, rather than come up with something on my own, I thought I would share a piece that Community writer Andy Bobrow posted on a little while back. The crux of it is that every writer has it in them to write something shitty all of the time, and it’s only through constant refinement of our work that we make it worth reading. This is something that I believe in myself (and is a huge part of why I don’t feel worse than I do about how long I’ve been working on this book), but it’s nice to see someone else say it once in a while. Especially when you respect their work.

The article itself is more comedy than anything else, but it also links to two different versions of the script for Community’s Season Two Episode, Mixology Certification. One is his first draft for the episode, and the other is a much later draft that is almost identical to what ended up on the screen. Mixology Certification also happens to be my favorite episode of the show, so that’s a plus.

You can find the article here, if you're interested.



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