Friday, 13 June 2014

May Reading List–Readin’ and Junk

Reading List - May 2014This post took a lot longer to get around to than usual guys, and I know that this week has been quiet…It’s all been a little crazy on my end. We’ll see what I can’t get up and posted next week to make up for it.

  • In Cold Blood – Truman Capote – Vintage, 2012 (originally Random House, 1966). 343p.
  • I shouldn’t need to comment on Capote’s True-Crime masterpiece because, honestly, there’s not a single damn thing that I could say that hasn’t. Spare and beautiful and tragic, I try to revisit In Cold Blood every few years. Like Neuromancer and The Big Sleep, this is one of the books that made me.

  • Empire State – Adam Christopher – Angry Robot, 2011. 448p.
  • Adam Christopher’s debut novel is pretty dang cool. It’s got a lot of big ideas that get thrown around—almost to the point of seeming overstuffed—but there’s a confidence to the writing that really makes you want to buy into everything that this guy is selling. I’ll definitely check out another of his in the future.

  • East of West, Volume 1: The Promise – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta – Image Comics, 2013. 96p.
  • It’s a gigantic, beautifully illustrated alternate history sci-fi western where everyone is desperate to kick off the Biblical apocalypse except Death. Instead, he’s on an epic journey of revenge with a pair of shape-shifting American Indian star-crossed lovers and a freakishly tall, headless robot horse that shoots lasers out of the hole where it’s neck should be. Can I get a hell yeah?

  • East of West, Volume 2: We Are All One – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta – Image Comics, 2014. 144p.
  • More of the same, if by “the same” you mean that everything is on fire and kicks ass all of the time.

    Okay, so it was a light reading month. What with the traveling and all, I didn’t even get In Cold Blood finished. June will probably be a little more interesting, as I try to get some other things under my belt before digging into the summer proper. Then? Then it’s paperback season.



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