Author Notes

The cover of his last book is behind this dude's huge head.Sean Doyle is a science fiction writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from a very nice school in New Jersey. He lives in South Carolina with his dog, but he grew up in Northern California and uses that as an excuse to act perplexed by everything around him.

In 2009, Sean published a (very out of print) collection of travel themed short stories titled While En-Route to All Strange Places, which a couple of dozen people seemed to like a lot. The Long Lunar Night will be his first published novel, and he hopes that at least as many people will say nice/polite things about it.

When he's not thinking about rocket-ships or trying to come up with ways to destroy various fictional worlds, Sean volunteers with the local chapter of National Novel Writing Month, takes the odd freelance gig, and teaches a bit of community college English.