The Book

2032. The Sea of Tranquility. Luna. For twenty years, the lunar colony at Dawes City has stood at the very front of human space exploration and scientific progress. To the public back on Earth, Dawes is safe, secure, stable...But, trapped a quarter million miles from the safety net of gravity and atmosphere, this city of pioneers is only ever a moment away from collapse.

Out of luck ex-cop Emory Dow has spent the last three years at Dawes, cooling his heels as a PI and waiting for someone to ship him back to Earth. Dow drinks too much, knows all of the wrong people, and he's nobody's idea of a hero. Then the head of the colony's UN Police Services detachment comes calling: A surveyor is dead, nothing about the case is adding up, and a mole in her department has just made Dow the only man she trusts to investigate the first murder in space.

The Long Lunar Night combines a classic hard-boiled detective story with the clunky, lo-fi future of '80s science fiction films like Outland, Blade Runner, and the Alien series.

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